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Concept Artist and Art Theft

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 19, 2016, 10:00 AM

Hello once again! I apologize for another journal, but I have some great news!
I've been brought on as a concept artist intern  for an animation studio! Llama Emoji-38 (Confused) [V2] 
One of my teachers noticed my work and set me up :D Im sooo happy!!
By the end of the project I will have IMDb credit and a very likely chance of a job at the studio. (which is major.. it's still sinking this real life?? )Snif..Is Beautiful..Onion 

That being said! There is a pro/con to this situation as it relates to my independent work
CON: I will not be able to show any of the work I do for the studio, and I have already been pumping out work for them, both 2D and 3D

PRO!: This opportunity will have me constantly working, and the more I draw, the faster I get at working, and that will most likely help me get some fun work out to you guys as well.

I'm both really excited and really intimidated about being thrown into a pipeline out of the blue, but this experience will be invaluable to me. There is a lot to learn!

I will have my character sheet for my next school model project up sometime this week, and I'm still working on that last commission. I feel like a juggling act here ._.

I'm counting down to AWAcon as well! I've got plans for Overwatch fanart and team JNPR in the works! (as requested by you wonderful people, I appreciate your patience, I will get it to you!)

If you want to keep up with my WIPs I highly suggest following my Facebook page ( Dreamlight Designs)
I dont post WIPS here much, I prefer to only upload finished works to DA.


On another note, I had my first encounter with art theft yesterday.  A lovely deviant very kindly brought it to my attention (thank you!) A facebook page was selling my Art nouveau work. Big Fool Emoji-12 (Pervy Flirt) [V2] 
I ONLY sell my work on my Redbubble shop and at Conventions. If you see someone selling it anywhere else they do NOT have permission and please let me know!
Thankfully I notified facebook and they had it taken down. It appears to be settled. But I understand the feeling have having your work stolen now, no bueno. 

Much love to you all! Thank you for your patience and support.  My DA family means the world to me Bunny Emoji-24 (Wave Kiss) [V2] Bunny Emoji-24 (Wave Kiss) [V2] Bunny Emoji-24 (Wave Kiss) [V2]

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Art School. What do you think?

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 1, 2016, 9:47 AM

As I mentioned several times, this journal consists of my OWN personal opinions and experiences. What had worked for me may not work for you, this is just the insight i can provide as someone enrolled in an art school for a Media Art & Animation degree

Art school.

Hey guys! here is a ramble. I'm SO sorry Ive been a bit inactive lately. I go through phases of activity depending on how busy I am at school. It's super frustrating :/ (and im in my senior year so I will only get busier from here)

SO! Over the years, Ive heard a lot of people complaining about art schools.
Are they really worth all the trouble?

Because I'm thinking about it, I'll give my personal opinion on the matter, and you can take from it what you will. I'd also love to hear y'all's (<--- HAH! sorry my southern roots are coming out) opinion or experiences on the matter.

To me, there are always advantages or disadvantages to just about any situation. I believe a lot of our successes are dependent on your outlook and self-discipline. 

I'll start with the pros.

"PRO's" to Art School 

Bullet; Green  You have a degree that you can put on your resume that shows discipline, formal training, and guarantees you have the right to be paid for your services.

            Now, this may be more specific to your country. I live in America, so having a fancy piece of paper stating you have a college degree saves you a lot of trouble. Having a degree isnt (completely) necessary for getting a job in more of an art related field, but it is a bit of a safety net. I've seen qualified, experienced people with no degree get passed over for a greenhorn with no experience but with a degree.
    Also, you have to know yourself. Many people say "i can learn all this through online tutorials, why pay for it?" BUT do you have the discipline to do that without an instructor guiding you? Would you sit down every day and learn a career field off the internet? Just saying. More on that in a moment.

Bullet; Green  Art School puts you in an advantageous environment

    This is a big thing. In my eyes, this is at least half of what you pay for.  By enrolling in an art school, not only are you taking classes that teach you skills, (new programs, new techniques, better knowledge of the industry) you are put in an environment that is purposed for you to succeed, even if it may not feel that way, 
   - RESOURCES: You are given access to all the programs you may need, and you are given access to PEOPLE who can provide you with industry connections and critique. 
    One of the biggest gains I've found out of my own experience, is connecting with the teachers. That may mean outside of classwork. Take that extra effort because you have easy access to people with more knowledge than you. I have been able to advance in my character modeling outside of my curriculum, because I have taken advantage of the people resources around me.
      CONNECTIONS AND NETWORKING   are SO important. You can have all the skill in the world, but knowing and networking with the right people gets you places. Ive heard that preached from almost every industry professional I've met (at events organised by school, or events i went to with fellow students) 
     By doing well in school, I have been able to make enough of a name for myself among the teachers. By building those relationships and proving I do good work, they scout me out when opportunities like freelance work and internship opportunities come to their ears. Which is a big thing, and I wouldnt have that without being in school.

Bullet; Green Friendships.

   Some of you may not consider this a "Pro" but you'd be surprised. Going to art school has allowed me to meet and befriend many people. This sort of falls into the "networking" category, but it's a bit different. You find people to struggle through learning with. People you can share experiences and learn from, and people to encourage you to keep moving forward. That is huge for me, I get discouraged and worried very very easily. My friends have been a huge support that has allowed me to keep trucking through. I know I wouldnt be as far as I am without them. 
PLUS. You get to meet people of all majors. VFX, Gaming, Programming, etc. These relationships you build are good for the future. When you work for a company that needs a programmer "Hey! I know a good one"  or a friend that gets a job, a knows you do good work, YOU could get recommended. You are all going into the same world and same market. Friends are never a bad thing (unless they pull you from work haha but good friends wouldnt) 

CONS to Art School

Bullet; Green  Money.

    You get to see the real world at work. Art school is ridiculously expensive. Thankfully I was blessed with a full ride scholarship, so tuition isnt a problem for me, but other things still are, and I see my friends have to go through the ringer just to attend. 
That isnt my main issue for this point though. Colleges want money, they want to become bigger so you get to watch their money get poorly used. Our school is in DIRE need of some technology updates but instead all of the money is spent of advertising and appearances to bring more students in. Its a black hole. It pisses me off to see that our labs struggling and not up to date because the school wont prioritize keeping technology at top notch so your education actually suffers bc the technology cant support what you need to learn.

Bullet; Green You have to be the Diamond in the Coal Mine.

    This is where you have to discipline your outlook. One of THE most frustrating  things I encountered when I came to art school, was the overall lack of skill. I was surrounded by students who had just decided on a whim that they wanted to pursue art, like it was some sort of easy thing. Dedicated, serious students are a lot more rare than you would think they are. I was SO upset because the difficulty level of my classes were brought down to make sure that everyone could keep up, which at this point, "everyone" included the people who had the skill level of toddlers. So the really serious students were put at a disadvantage. I didnt learn very much my first year.
At the same time, this can be flipped to your advantage. IF you put in 200% instead of just meeting requirements, and you consistently work to become better, you will stand out so much, making you more noticeable to teachers, and potentially employers.
(however, it is important to always know what industry skill level is, being the best in the class still does not mean you will do well in the industry, know the standard that will be expected of you)

Bullet; Green Yes, you have to listen to the teachers.

     I mean that with a twinge of sarcasm, but in all seriousness as well. You have to know what you want to pursue. It's difficult to juggle pleasing your higher uppers, and pursuing your own direction. It's frustrating to have to juggle a bunch of projects at once, especially if they are all unrelated and use different media. And 9/10 you will have to do an assignment that is something you dont necessarily want to do. Your teachers WILL and SHOULD rip your work apart, in a good way. In a way that will help you improve if you listen. Then again, sometimes you get bad teachers. Actually think about why you do/dont like a teacher. Is it because they criticized your work? (if it is, check yourself. They almost always know what they are talking about, humble yourself. You are not a professional.)
I have had to do soooo many assignments I hated. BUT, in the long run, it still contributed to my learning, even if it wasnt fun. I learned. Even if it is repetitive, there is an opportunity to learn.  This both a PRO/CON depending on your outlook. 
As I get closer to graduating, its irritating to have to spend my time on classes I know dont benefit me much, in order to get the credits I need to graduate - when I could easily be dedicating that time to honing the skills I need for my portfolio. 

In conclusion,

I personally think the advantages to going to college for your art career far outweigh the disadvantages. I know if I had stayed out of school to learn for myself I would have gotten nowhere. I would have had to find a bottom end job and would have had to spend all my free time learning. I know I wouldnt get where I wanted.
I have been able to learn stuff I would have never learned (mostly in 3D related fields) and meet people I would have never met. 
I may be a bit biased because I can cut the struggle of college debt, but that is outside how college has built my skillset. Artistic skills AND Networking skills.
That being said, I HAVE met successful professionals who never went to art school, it just requires a high level of self discipline most people dont possess. 
A lot of those that I have met that bash art school are people who only did bare minimum, and did not seriously pursue professional excellence and skill level.  Art school can absolutely be very beneficial, you just have to take full advantage of it.

EITHER WAY. If you want to pursue an art career, it require discipline, and a lot of hard work.

/long ramble over 

any thoughts?

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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
THANK YOU! to all my watchers! and anyone visiting my page :love:
I'm just an art student with a passion to draw, being blessed every day by God and excited to see what the future hold for me!


AWA Table #815 ! Im right by one of the entrances on a corner! Come see me this weekend! <3…
OverSquad - Junkrat/Mei by DreamerWhit
OverSquad - Junkrat/Mei
 this was a lot of work to color in 2 days! *roll over dead*
New  poster in time for AWA! I'm pretty proud of this one. I havent incorporated enough backgrounds in the past so im trying to get better about it!
Im a huge fan of overwatch, and after seeing Junkrat's jester skin, I thought it would be so fun to do an Overwatch / Suicide Squad crossover and give Junkrat/Mei Joker and Harley "skins"

One of my best friends ships JR/Mei together so hard xD after hearing their in-game interactions and seeing some cute fanart I have to say Im on board the ship haha! 

hopefully 2 more posters to come in the next couple days! .... we'll see. .. if i dont die first.. 
Guys, please dont repost my work. Either share directly from me or at LEAST make sure there's credit. Gettin pretty tired of people taking my SU and posting for their own benefit.

A question for artists! Society6 vs Redbubble? 

44 deviants said Redbubbleh
23 deviants said Society6
10 deviants said (comment please)


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